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Release Notes

Project: EasyCMS for Lasso

Version: 1.0

Download Code: Download

Contributor: Jessica Mooers

Release Notes:

EasyCMS for Lasso v1.0 provides a complete basic website content management system with administrative area. The CMS installs with generic content to illustrate the functionality of the site and the admin interface.

Admin Area
 Ability to make content Active or Inactive
 Ability to make fields Active or Inactive via the siteconfig
 Allows for use of Sections that contain Categories.
 Subcategories can be added and linked to Categories.
 Individual User Admins can be added, with independent usernames & passwords
 HTML Area
Uses HTMLArea to allow WYSIWIG editing of Text_1 and Text_2 fields in admin add and edit forms.
Note: On Mac OS, only works with Mozilla
 Photo Upload
Allows for thumbnail, medium and large image uploads
Rename and Overwrite file capabilies
The system does not automatically resize images

How To/Instructions
1. Unstuff EasyCMS.sit
2. Create a database named EasyCMS using CocoaMySQL
2. Using CocoaMySQL import EasyCMS_dump.sql.
This will create 5 tables within EasyCMS database with the following names:
category, content, section, subcategory, users
4. Place contents of the /www/ folder in the main directory of your Virtual Host
5. Open siteconfig.lasso and modify server information to your settings.
6. Test admin login information:
Username: LI_CMS
Password: admin_pw
You probably will want to change the username and password after evauation.

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