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Project Home Page

Project Name: Communigate Pro CTags

Project Status: Active

Project Manager: Greg Willits

Demo Link:

Description: CommuniGate Pro CTags is a collection of custom tags to communicate with Stalker Software's CommuniGate Pro email server. These tags essentially enable CGP's command line interface (CLI) commands within Lasso without the need to implement Stalker's CommuniGate Pro PERL Interface. There is one LDML file of custom tags for each of the grouped CLI administration modules as documented by Stalker here: The open source nature of this collection is such that each library was not originally released with tags for every CLI command. As developers find they need specific commands, they can download the latest release, add specific commands, then upload their revised file for testing and review. Eventually, we'll either reach the breadth of need by the Lasso community, or we'll get all commands implemented. Uses Lasso's TCP tags. Originally written for Lasso 5. Probably needs some additional () sets here and there to work in LP7+.

NOTE: Click the version number to see the release notes, or click the Download link to download the code

Version Code Date Contributor Downloads
   1.0.2 Download/View 2005-03-18 Greg Willits 43629