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Project Home Page

Project Name: StudioScan Photo Studio Tracking and Management

Project Status: Active

Project Manager: Jason Wasserman

Demo Link:

Description: StudioScan is a web based merchandise tracking and management application for photo studios. It manages an unlimited number of clients, jobs, and items to be photographed. There are three levels of users that can login, the Administrator, Studio Employees, and Clients. Each has their own view of the jobs and items. Items all are assigned a barcode for tracking progress of the item throughout the studio. The result is a date & time stamped log that looks similar to a FedEx tracking form for every item to be photographed. Photographers can scan an item to find out what job it is for, its description, and instructions on how it is to be shot. They can also name their digital file by scanning the barcode again, and upload a thumbnail for client approval. Studio Managers can look at a job and see every item for the job, and its current status, and even location. There are many reports, scheduling tools, rush items and jobs, and even the ability to know where an item is in a warehouse once its stored. Business owners will like that every job has details about how many shots there are, the types of shots, so you can charge based on the complexity and which items were a Rush. Best of all StudioScan produces a contact sheet showing every item, its information and a thumbnail, which is perfect to send along with an invoice. StudioScan is an open-source application, meaning its provided free of charge, and completely unlocked, allowing anyone to customize it to meet their needs. It cannot be re-sold, and any customizations can be uploaded to which manages the many open source developers who are adding onto StudioScan. StudioScan is built on Lasso Professional Server 8, and MySQL 4. A server running both of these applications is required for StudioScan to function. Information on installing these to applications can be found within the setup and usage read me provided with the download.

NOTE: Click the version number to see the release notes, or click the Download link to download the code

Version Code Date Contributor Downloads
   2.0.3 Download/View 1970-01-01 Jason Wasserman 1798