The news on the front page has been restored although there is nothing new other than the site has been migrated to a faster server. We'll be hopefully fixing some bugs and implementing new features. If you'd like to participate in modifications please contact one of us for information.
Posted by : Steffan

Minor tweak to projects page, changed sort order to put the most recent code on top (requested by Jussi Hirvi).
Posted by : Eric

Login Fixed
There was a problem that prevented users from logging in that has now been remedied. It was legacy Classic code that prevented login when Classic Mode was turned off. Anyway, login works now, so have at it.

Posted by : Eric

Changes, changes, changes...

Because of a few people who need to ruin it for everyone we have added a captcha to LassoBin to cut down on the spam. It did a good job in stopping the script kiddies at posting crap but now we have scum bags manually entering it now. Well, I also added a spam link next to each thread so we can all go in and manually delete them. Hopefully this will help. Should anyone have a better idea on how to stop this please let me know and we will be sure to implement it!

Posted by : Steffan

[ANNOUNCEMENT] LassoForge Beta Site Launch


Phoenix, AZ and Madison, WI -- The principal site developers of LassoForge announced the launch of the beta site of lassoforge.com, located at .

LassoForge is the only site to allow collaboration an open-source projects coded in the Lasso Professional language from OmniPilot.

The site was conceived by Steffan Cline and Eric Landmann, and inspired by the suggestions of many others in the Lasso community, on LassoTalk and LassoChat. LassoForge is an all-volunteer effort, in keeping with the spirit of the open source movement.

"We created LassoForge as a tool to help expand the awareness of Lasso by creating a site where people can easily share code and contribute to open source projects. We hope to create a tighter bond amongst the Lasso'ers by creating a very cooperative and sharing environment. Everyone is encouraged to check out the site and all its features. If you have something you would like to contribute, please stop in and share your source!", said Steffan Cline, founder of LassoForge. Steffan further went on to say, "I am glad to be working with Eric Landmann on this project as he has been very instrumental in getting the project management to its peak potential. Had it not been for him this project would not be even close to fruition at this point in time. Please remember to stop by and share in our creation for all of use who use Lasso!"

"LassoForge marks a milestone in the growth of Lasso as an accepted language," said Eric Landmann, one of the principal site developers. "It is my view that this will help experienced as well as novice developers to learn new techniques with Lasso, contribute to the available codebase and further its acceptance in the marketplace," he elaborated.

The site has a bugtracking system to allow for beta testers to help debug the site before it goes live. Bug reports and feature requests are welcome and encouraged!

Site features include:
-- Version activation/deactivation/deletion
-- Code viewing of individual files in a version
-- Code display shows line numbers for easy reference
-- Version tree is collapsible to view folders or individual files
-- Download single pages or entire versions
-- Full Search capability on projects or versions
-- Public/private information on Contributors
-- Photo display of contributor
-- Project creation by any registered contributor

LassoForge Sponsors
FastQ Communications
Landmann InterActive

Principal Site Developers
Steffan Cline, ExecuChoice
Eric Landmann, Landmann InterActive, Madison, WI

Lasso Professional is a product of Omnipilot Software, Inc. .

Posted by : Steffan

Development has begun. If you run into any errors in checking us out please remember that this is not even a delta at this point. If you have any major concerns or questions please feel free to contact us. Also I have opened up a chat room on AIM called LassoForge if anyone wants to try and catch one of us in there. Hope to see you all soon!
Posted by : Steffan

Welcome to LassoForge. The site is new and is currently in the planning stages. If you have any ideas for functionality or projects, please e-mail Steffan or Myself (see the Contact page).

Site status and general announcements will be made to LassoTalk. Here is the link to subscribe.

Posted by : Eric